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Political Science & International Relations on the Shed Roof

神戸大学 / ブルネル大学ロンドン国際研究

2021 Student Presentation session (4-5 March)
For 2021, we had our first virtual presentation session. This was also our first two day workshop. It included presentations from Soma Aoyagi, Melisa Yesil, Saki Okamoto, Elena Kuzheva, Ryo Tanaka, Arwa Saeed, Xiong Ying, Marcus Davenport, Shiho Osawa, Jade-India Balmer, Kohei Funakura, Mino Bartolini, Ami Matsushima and Bethany Monk. Once again, Kobe students were represented by Prof Naoko Matsumura.
2019 Student Poster session (5 March)
This was the last time we were able to hold a physical session. Hopefully we will be able to meet in person again soon! Presenters at this session were Selin Akmanlar, Eve Crowhurst, Ryosuke Fujioka, William New, Christina Nielsen, Miyaki Nishimoto, Sohei Shigemura, Koki Sugamura, Rena Takagi, Penelope Watson and Victoria Zeybrandt. This year, Prof Atsushi Tago handed over the baton to Prof Naoko Matsumura with assistance from Prof Naofumi Fujimura.
2017 Student Poster session (3 Nov)
Our first session. A small number of really great posters. Presenters were Ayane Kuwajima, Akari Yoshida, Nana Noridomi, Ryan Anderson, Phoebe Sullivan, Patrice Crosbourne, Sophie Ibotson, Munur Munuroglu, Abigail Axe-Browne and Kieran McMorran. Kobe students were accompanied by Prof Atsushi Tago.