Infrastructure replication data

These are the replication data for:

  • Pickering, Steve (2017). "A new way to proxy levels of infrastructure development". Research and Politics. Forthcoming.

There are several ways in which you can calculate infrastructure data based on maps from Bing, Google, Open and Sina.

Download time series data

Filesizes for various resolutions have been captured for three map servers. Download the time series.

Use the infra package

infra is an R package available through CRAN. The CRAN website has more information; you can also view the PDF.

Use the SpatialGridBuilder program

SpatialGridBuilder is a standalone program for creating data grids. It can download infrastructure data. It's available on sourceforge.

Download the R code

You can download the R code to avoid installing an extra library. Alternatively, this can be used as pseudo-code to build the routine in other languages. Fundamentally, the trigonometry is the same for Google, Open, Sina and Bing; Bing is, however slightly different to the others in its used of quad-keys to organise maps.

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